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SHS-1300 TRAUMA SHEAR with Pouch

SHS-1300  TRAUMA SHEAR with Pouch

SHS-1300 TRAUMA SHEAR with Pouch


Trauma Shears are one of those things that don’t cost very much but become invaluable when you really need them. The Shadow Strategic Trauma Shears come in subdued black blades with either Coyote Brown, Od or Black handles.

Made with Stainless Steel these shears feature a serrated lower edge to cut through some of the toughest materials and to allow quick access for the treatment of wounds. The top of the lower edge features a rounded tip to allow cutting against the body without risk of further injury.


  • 52 grams approx.
  • P.P.plastic handle (for fitting the Autoclave 143 Degree C requirement)
  • Black blades to reduce reflections in tactical environments
  • Serrated lower edge to assist in cutting thick fabrics
  • Overall Length: 190mm
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel

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