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SHE-2050 Rigger Belt

SHE-2050 Rigger Belt

SHE-2050 Rigger Belt


The Shadow Elite Rigger Belt. Designed to provide a cost effective option for those looking for a reliable and strong combat belt that will not lose tension due to its Velcro assisted closure. Great for use with Webbing, MOLLE Belts or just regular combat trousers due to its lightweight construction; A real all round option that will prove to be the only belt you will need. Features: Made from durable heavy duty Mil Spec Nylon webbing Double retention with durable metal friction buckles & Velcro closure ?Stress points Reinforced with double and triple stitching with nylon thread.



Small Circumference – 31′ to 35′

Medium Circumference – 35′ to 39′

Large Circumference – 39′ to 43′

X-Large Circumference – 43′ to 47′

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